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Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance process involves the systematic review of current leadership development provision in Wales. Through a rigorous and robust two-stage endorsement process and monitoring framework we maintain and support provision that is of high quality, equitable and fit for purpose.

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Educational leaders in Wales are operating in challenging, unpredictable circumstances and understand that innovative systems, tools and thinking are essential. Our Innovation Pathway, sessions and webinars are designed to promote innovative leadership, creating new ideas and stimulating innovative thinking and actions.

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System Leadership

Developing effective ‘system leaders’ and ‘system leadership’ is central to the education reform journey described in Our National Mission, and is at the heart of the work we are taking forward in Wales through our flagship Associate model.

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The Insight Series introduces new, evidence-informed thinking in the form of research commissions, reviews of international policy and academic literatures and opinion pieces.


We want educational leaders’ well-being to be prioritised and systematically supported in Wales and we’re working with partners across the education system, as well as with Welsh Government and practitioners, to develop a more strategic approach to investing in the ‘whole leader’.

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We believe practical resources designed to help leaders develop their own practice must be based on the best available evidence. So, the resources we publish are informed by the international policy and practitioner literatures – and the lived experience of educational leaders in Wales.

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