System leadership overview

System Leadership

System leaders / leadership remains a complex and sometimes confusing concept.

Despite it being a focus for a number of education systems around the world in the last decade or so, there is no settled definition of system leaders / leadership. Consequently, there are many interpretations of what system leaders / leadership is, how it is cultivated and when we know it is working. This has so far prevented an informed and accessible debate about the nature – and the future – of system leaders / leadership in Wales from taking place.

To create a suitable evidence base to inform the development of system leaders / leadership in Wales, the National Academy for Educational Leadership has commissioned Professor Alma Harris, a leading expert on educational leadership, to review the international academic and policy literatures and recommend ways that system leaders / leadership can be further developed in Wales.

Video – Insight Series: System Leadership


Academy Associates

The Leadership Academy appoints an annual cohort of Associates, all currently practising senior educational leaders.

Academy Associates also provide the Leadership Academy with opportunities to access their expertise and knowledge as current educational leaders, an invaluable resource that ensures the voice of the profession is heard in all of our planning, activity and reflection.

Cohort 1
Cohort 2
Cohort 3
Comission 1

Our Call to Action

In June 2018 Academy Associates in cohort 1 were set a commission by Welsh Government officials, titled How can leaders enable high quality professional learning opportunities that improve well-being and achieve better outcomes for all?

Leadership Stories

Leadership Stories

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