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The National Academy for Educational Leadership (Leadership Academy) was established in 2018, under the Companies Act 2006. As an arm’s length body, its primary role is to fulfil its responsibilities set within the context of the Welsh Government’s strategic aims.

Its main purpose is to:

  • Contribute to the development of the professional capabilities of current and aspiring leaders across the education system by providing coherence and quality assurance for the range of educational leadership development opportunities available in Wales
  • Act as a thought leader; developing, articulating and implementing a vision and strategy for educational leadership in Wales
  • To be a respected and active member of the education middle tier, the first point of contact for the educational workforce in regard to leadership matters.

The Leadership Academy is a central feature of the education reform journey set out in Education in Wales: Our national mission, update October 2020, where it is identified by Welsh Government as a key driver of Enabling Objective 2: Leadership working collaboratively to raise standards.

Vision and values

Vision and Values

By creating the conditions needed to inspire leaders, the National Academy for Educational Leadership will enrich the lives of children and young people across Wales, helping them develop as ambitious, capable learners; as healthy, confident individuals; as enterprising, creative contributors; and as ethical, informed citizens.

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