Insight Series: System Leadership

The Academy Associates and Professor Alma Harris explore what system leaders and system leadership means to them and the Welsh education system.

Tracey Jones, Chrysalis Mindset – Coaching Workshops

Tracey Jones coaching workshop explores the importance of developing a coaching culture within organisations.

Dr Rachel Lilley – Unconscious Cognitive Bias

Dr Rachel Lilley gives an insight into her research on Unconscious Cognitive Bias.

Leadership Unlocked

Leadership Unlocked is the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales' webinar series. It is a professional learning programme that explores leadership in Wales and its educational context.

Leadership Unlocked: Professor Stephen Heppell

Stephen was a schoolteacher for more than a decade and has been a professor since 1989. He has worked with governments around the world, international agencies, schools and communities.

Leadership Unlocked: Major Marcus Heslop

Major Marcus Heslop is a regular serving officer in the Royal Tank Regiment. Born into a military family, his entire life has been shaped by public service and the army values and standards.

Leadership Unlocked: Professor Laura McAllister CBE, FLSW

Laura is Professor of Public Policy and the Governance of Wales at Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre. Her research centres on Welsh politics, devolution, electoral reform, and gender.

Leadership Unlocked: Professor Mick Waters

Professor Mick Waters has worked at national policy level with the Welsh Government offering advice and support and has been instrumental in the development of the professional standards for teaching and leadership.

Leadership Unlocked: Steve Munby

Steve Munby is a self-employed consultant and speaker on leadership and on system reform, working with governments and with groups of schools around the world.