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Innovation in Welsh Educational Leadership

Are we playing not to lose when we should be playing to win?

Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna

Regeneration should be at the heart of a new education system. The world of sustainability, enterprising people and innovators are the drivers of change, and in an ever-changing world, we need the abilities to deal with issues we have yet to think about. The need for opportunity spotters, wicked problem solvers and action orientated thinkers has never been greater. We are arguably at an important crossroads, and this Insight Series paper from Professor Emeritus Andy Penaluna sets the scene for thinking about the future of education in Wales.

The National Academy for Educational Leadership supports educational leadership at all levels, and we have been listening to international experiences and gathering our own insights into what a successful future means to those charged with educating young people. Whist we know uncertainty is the only certainty, and that our learners will be facing challenges we cannot yet imagine, we are still struggling when attempting to understand what that means in terms of a future fit curriculum.

Many questions remain unanswered, indeed, in many cases, they have yet to be asked, let alone considered in depth. As any good sportsperson will inform you, playing not to lose is quite different from playing to win. Thinking for the future is a central tenet of playing to win and connecting to our communities and stakeholders beyond education is essential.

This Insight Series paper opens the doors to contemporary thinking and offers insights into what really matters to our learners, our teachers and of course, our leaders.

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