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Our work aims to bring clarity and coherence to educational leadership in Wales. Explore What we do - Quality Assurance, Innovation, System Leadership Insight, Well-being & Guidance.

Insight Series

Our Insight Series introduces new, evidence-informed thinking of international policy and academic literatures in the form of research commissions, reviews, and opinion pieces.

Endorsement of Leadership
Development Provision

Our endorsement process includes ambitious criteria which is set clearly in the context of Welsh policy and promotes equity of access to all leaders whichever setting or language they work in or wherever they are in Wales.

About National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales

The National Academy for Educational Leadership is a central feature of the education reform journey set out in Education in Wales: Our national mission, update October 2020, where it is identified by Welsh Government as a key driver of Enabling Objective 2: Leadership working collaboratively to raise standards.


What we do

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Quality Assurance
Ensuring that leadership development provision for the education sector in Wales is of a high standard and meets the needs of the sector.
Supporting practitioners and providers in developing and testing new ideas which address specific challenges and needs in the system.
Developing effective ‘system leaders’ and ‘system leadership’ in Wales through our flagship Associate model.
Introducing new, evidence-informed thinking in the form of research commissions, reviews of international policy and academic literatures and opinion pieces.
Prioritising and supporting the well-being of educational leaders in Wales and working to develop a more strategic approach to investing in the 'whole leader'.
Providing leaders across the education system in Wales with practical guidance to inform their practice and help them model great leadership. 
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