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Gavin Gibbs

Associate Federation

Gavin Gibbs is Senior Youth Lead with Torfaen Youth Service. Gavin’s roles include Families First Youth Work Co-ordinator, Families First Torfaen  (2013-2019), Senior Youth Worker, Torfaen Youth Service (2011-2013), Centre Co-ordinator, Monmouthshire Youth Service  (2010-2011) and Schools Youth Support Officer, Blaenau Gwent Youth Service (2005-2010).

As an Associate Gavin is looking forward to having the chance to make a positive difference to the Youth Work sector in Wales.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from fellow leaders and some of the best leadership minds in Wales and beyond. The Associate role, in my opinion will be the biggest professional development opportunity for me in my career, which excites me. It is an opportunity I am looking to embrace, and I am looking forward to the journey. I have always strived to help other people around me both personally and professionally. Undertaking the Associate role will help better equip myself to help and inspire the people around me.”

Gavin feels that the National Academy for Educational Leadership has an important role to play in helping leaders in the education sector by providing a platform for aspiring leaders to come together, to learn and collaborate from each other to improve education in Wales.

“I would love to see the National Academy for Educational Leadership go from strength to strength expanding their work further. As a Youth Worker, seeing the sector being represented in the organisation is inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing how the Youth Work sector can benefit as a result.”

Gavin has always enjoyed sports, football being his favourite and he is an avid Liverpool fan. Gavin is also a massive Star Wars geek. Other than football and Star Wars, Gavin enjoys reading and writing. His reading ranges from non-fiction particularly around leadership to a range of fictional genres. He can be quite creative and has several writing projects on the go.

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Gavin Gibbs

Associate Federation

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