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Well-led professional learning is...

Centred on supporting all learners and mindful of well-being

Leaders of professional learning understand how different professionals learn and enable them to access the most appropriate learning experiences (Welsh Government, 2020; Evans, 2019). They appreciate that professional learning is more than single events or activities and emphasise that the process of learning, embedding, reflecting and refining is a continuing one (Timperley, 2011; Jones, 2015). They acknowledge (formally and informally) the leadership potential of others and enable everyone to take an active part in peer-to-peer professional learning. They encourage creative and blended approaches to professional learning (Jones et al, 2020) and generate awareness of the need for equity and social justice in education (Forde and Torrance, 2021; Harris and Jones, 2019). They are sensitive to the well-being of all learners when introducing change through professional learning and implementing new initiatives (Day, 2016; MacDonald Brown, 2020; Scott et al, 2021).

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Professional Learning Journey Hwb

Make the Connection

Schools as Learning Organisations

Developing a shared vision centred on the learning of all learners & Developing and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff

Professional Standards for Teaching and Leadership

Professional Learning (formal leadership roles)

Professional Learning Journey

Developing a shared whole-school vision

Be Inspired

We asked leaders from schools across Wales to tell us how they are Leading Professional Learning, using each of the eight hallmarks of well-led professional learning as a reference point. The resulting Case Studies offer an insight into a diverse range of effective approaches to Leading Professional Learning that we hope will bring the hallmarks to life and inspire fresh, strategic thinking for other leaders in Wales. We want you to Be Inspired.

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If your school or cluster has an example of practice that could be included in the Leading Professional Learning resource – under one (or more) of the eight ‘hallmarks’ of well-led professional learning, we want to hear from you.

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