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Title of innovation provision: Regulation Stations & Well-being Warriors

Date of innovation provision: Innovation Pathway January 2022

We used the Innovation Pathway Funding to construct Regulation Stations around our school grounds for infant and junior children. The Regulation Stations are purpose built and provide a safe environment for learners to retreat when emotions become heightened, as learners have access to strategies and resources to manage their needs. There are specific resources within the stations that offer support for learners to manage their sensory, emotional or friendship needs. Learners have access to strategies to guide them into a calmer and more relaxed state of mind and there are resources that soothe sensory needs and support learners coping skills. The Regulation Stations have had a positive impact upon the learners at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia. There are now safe spaces within each playground area that learners can retreat to if their emotions become heightened and hard to manage.

Learners have been enthusiastic about using the Regulation Stations:

“I like coming here when I start getting angry, I can use these toys to calm down, and then I can go back to my friends”

“It’s good to have a place to go when things get too much! “

“I like these stations they are cosy!”

A Well-being Warrior initiative was also formed to support learners with strategies, understanding and kindness. The Well-being Warriors are two learners from each year group that attend meetings and discuss well-being in school and at play times. There are a high percentage of learners that struggle with playtimes and the impact that this has had on their well-being and self-esteem can be visible across the school. This provision supports learners to take control of and manage their emotional needs.

Staff have trained Well-being Warriors in years 5 and 6 to support their peers and offer kindness and understanding, they also support and include learners who may not enjoy play times. They reinforce breathing strategies that are laminated on lanyards and will sit and share stories around how the learner feels to provide comfort and reassurance as well as locating staff to support them. Learners and staff have all benefited positively from this provision, which has resulted in less conflict at play times and lessons start earlier without disruption, ensuring no loss of learning.

Child A is a Year 4 pupil, she is the second eldest of six children. Mum is a single parent who has in the past struggled to manage her mental health. Child A struggles to know her place at times within her family and enjoys school wholeheartedly. She enjoys conversations with adults and at times can struggle with friendships with her peers.

The Regulation Stations and introductions of Well-being Warriors has been able to support Child A at times of high emotion and has been instrumental in supporting Child A to take control of her well-being. This has now empowered Child A to want to become a Well-being Warrior to support others and siblings at home. Child A’s engagement has also seen her settle into her new class happily and form positive relationships with her class teacher.

The Innovation Pathway Funding application process was very straightforward. The application was simple and just required clarity on the idea for innovation. I heard about the process through a colleague and I was motivated by the word innovation and that it allowed creativity and freedom to explore an area I wanted to develop within my school.

This funding allows opportunities for schools to fund innovative and creative projects that could support all stakeholders in a school setting. It is a straight forward application and the National Academy for Educational Leadership are supportive of all ideas.

Thank you for the funding, it has certainly made a difference!

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