Endorsement process

The purpose of endorsement is to ensure that the most effective leadership development provision can be recognised. This provision will have met a set of quality criteria. This will help us to fulfil our role to inspire and develop the current and next generation of leaders in schools and settings to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of educational leadership in Wales.

Whilst the endorsement process will assess applications against a set of criteria, we do not wish to limit innovation, nor do we wish to promote any particular ideology or style of leadership. We are seeking to endorse a wide range of provision that will be relevant for leaders at various career stages, with various needs and working within specific and diverse contexts in Wales. Above all, we will be looking to ensure that the provision is underpinned by international evidence of what makes effective leadership. As a result, all leaders can be confident that the leadership development they invest their time in will have a positive impact on outcomes for children and young people.

Following the original call for endorsement for provision for New and Acting Headteachers in the summer of 2018, the NAEL has reviewed the process and is now seeking to extend the call for endorsement to include provision for Experienced Headteachers. This is in addition to our on-going call for provision for New and Acting Headteachers.


Endorsement Timeline

Endorsement opportunity opens

Leadership Development Provision for Experienced Headteachers

Leadership Development Provision for Acting
Headteachers and New to Headship

October 22nd 2018
Endorsement process closes

Submission Date

December 7th 2018
Stage One – Assessment of Written Submission January 9th 2019
Stage Two – Panel Meets January 30th 2019
Outcome of endorsement communicated to providers February 8th 2019
All endorsed provision on the NAEL website March 2019