Lesson number 1: This is serious and it continues to be.

Lesson number 2: Stick to what you know.

Lesson number 3: Don’t forget your key principles of pedagogy.

Lesson number 4: Don’t assume! Plan, plan and plan again.

Lesson number 5: KISS! Keep it Simple Stupid!

Lesson number 6: Keep parents informed.

Lesson number 7: Keep a routine and maintain as much ‘normality’ as possible.

Lesson number 8: Support your teachers with training and anything else they need- on and offline!

Lesson number 9: Make sure you have some online etiquette and rules for message and emails.

Lesson number 10: Look after your own and others’ wellbeing!

Andrea is currently the Vice Principal of Jiahui Oak Middle School and Academic Principal in Dalian Royal School, the affiliated High School of the Campus. Read her full blog here