Dr Suzanne Sarjeant


Dr Suzanne Sarjeant is headteacher of Pencoed Primary School in Bridgend and has worked in the education sector for 28 years. She was a Deputy Headteacher in London, taught in the advisory service in Cardiff and has also taught in the independent sector.

Suzanne is passionate about supporting the development of educational leaders in Wales and has a wealth of experience as a Leadership Coach supporting newly appointed headteachers. She has also delivered Senior Leadership training for Central South Consortium (CSC) and collaborated with colleagues in Welsh Government on the Digital Journey and Talk Pedagogy projects.

As an Associate in the second cohort, Suzanne has co-authored and designed a commission report exploring, What is the role of educational leadership in realising the vision of a Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language, and has also facilitated learning experiences for Associates in the third cohort. Going forward, Suzanne would like to continue to support the development of leaders in Wales and has a particular interest in supporting practitioners to develop research within their own educational settings.



Dr Suzanne Sarjeant