Damien Beech


Damien Beech is Head of the Primary Phase Team with Swansea Council. He was previously Headteacher at Mayals Primary School and Deputy Headteacher of Sea View Primary School, both located in Swansea.

Damien is part of the second cohort of Associates and has been involved in many projects with the Leadership Academy. He has co-authored the commission, What is the role of educational leadership in realising the vision of a Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language and facilitated professional learning sessions for school leaders.

“I am proud to have been chosen to be an Associate and represent colleagues in a range of situations, such as international visits, welcoming international visitors to Wales and engaging with colleagues in each tier of the education system.”

As Damien continues to play an active role in the work of the Leadership Academy, he would like to collaborate further with international colleagues to continue to improve the education system in Wales.

Damien enjoys watching rugby and likes to see all of the Welsh regions doing well. He has two children, one of whom is now over 18-years-old, which makes him feel very old! His father was a headteacher and one of his brother’s lectures in Swansea University – they have a family tradition of working in the education sector.

Damien Beech