Innovation Pathway

The National Academy for Educational Leadership is keen to support providers to create new and innovative approaches to educational leadership development. Innovation of educational leadership development is the creation, development and implementation of ‘new’ developmental provision, with the aim of being:

  • inclusive

  • collaborative

  • inspiring

  • motivational

  • empowering

  • future focused

and which provides quality leadership development opportunities for all.

The criteria set out in the Endorsement of Leadership Development Provision Guidance should be adhered to when innovating new provision for educational leadership. The guidance and current endorsement timeline is available to view here.

The provision will also need to demonstrate how, over time, and through the developmental stages, it will gather the evidence required to address the impact criteria set out in area four and ensure sustainability beyond the initial year. The provision should also demonstrate the iterative task model of improvement. After the first year, or as soon as possible thereafter, it is the Leadership Academy’s expectation that the provider offers their provision for endorsement.

The new and innovative provision should consider the prompts below in the context of the four areas of the National Academy for Educational Leadership endorsement criteria.

The Leadership Academy will consider supporting providers financially in the development of provision which is ‘new’, and which meets the criteria as set out in the Endorsement of Leadership Development Provision Guidance.


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