About us

We are a small independent organisation established by the Welsh Government as part of commitments made in the government’s “Education in Wales: Our national mission” action plan. The National Academy for Educational Leadership will be a fundamental part of the education landscape.

Our Values

We are committed to the two principles of

equity of access to provision, and
provision that is of the highest quality.

We are focused on enabling the leadership of learning. We will do this by embodying our values in all we do.

Our aspirations and vision

Our mission is “Inspiring Leaders: Enriching Lives” with the aim of bring clarity and coherence to educational leadership in Wales. Through our work we will ensure that practitioners are able to engage with the most relevant, meaningful and inspiring professional learning.


The challenge set out for us by the OECD, Estyn and also the profession was to ensure a whole-system approach to leadership, and make it a prime driver of education reform.

Who we are?

The National Academy for Educational Leadership (NAEL) will be led by a small team of staff and supported by a Board comprising individuals that bring a diverse range of specialisms to ensure the organisation’s long term aspirations can be delivered effectively.

12 Associates have also been appointed, made up of a group of experienced and highly effective headteachers, drawn from across Wales, and they will play an influential role in the set up of the Academy and in the first stages of its development.

Remit Letter from the Cabinet Secretary

Our Remit Letter was officially published and presented to Assembly Members on 19th November 2018. It identifies the Cabinet Secretary’s strategic priorities and objectives for the NAEL and sets out the budget for the remainder of this financial year as well as an indicative budget for 2019-20.

If you have any innovative thoughts or suggestions around how we may be able to deliver this Remit, please get in touch.

Contact us

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