Leadership Unlocked: Dai Rees

Leadership Unlocked: Dai Rees

Date & Time

Friday 2 July 9:30-11:30am

Leadership Unlocked: Dai Rees

Join us for the National Academy for Educational Leadership Wales’ next Leadership Unlocked webinar series. This professional learning programme will explore leadership in Wales and its educational context. Each webinar will be guided by a notable guest speaker.

The webinars are designed for leaders in senior leadership roles from schools, youth and further education colleges and aims to support them in their roles as system leaders. Delivered digitally via the Zoom online platform this web-based series will deliver high quality and inspirational professional learning, that is engaging, stimulating, motivational, collaborative, inclusive and equitable to all. Each webinar will include a range of activities and learning techniques for example break out rooms, Q&A’s, pre-reading tasks, and access to additional reading and resource materials.

Dai Rees

Dai Rees is an authentic, humanistic, and values driven leader with 22 years of practical experience. Developed considerable expertise and awareness in senior strategic leadership roles at all levels of the education sector as well as professional sporting environments. He has held positions such as teacher, Head of Dept, Faculty Head and Campus Director along with roles such as Chief Operations Officer and International Sports Coach.    

Through these roles Dai has developed powerful leadership beliefs and behaviours facilitating consistently high levels of work performed through modelling these behaviours. He thrives on the challenges of leadership, development and managing people with core values of love, respect, and moral courage always to the fore. Effective use of authentic and values focused leadership has allowed the successful and effective management of diverse teams of people.  

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