Endorsement: Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I apply?

Our current call for endorsement is open now for leadership development provision at any career stage and the closing date is 12th February 2021. Application guidance for providers and the application form are available here and include full details of how to apply.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the application process?

Support is available by contacting the Leadership Academy by email: post@agaa.cymru

What is the process for applications?

There are two stages to endorsement – submitting an application form to be reviewed by a Stage 1 panel, which if successful will lead to an invitation to present to a Stage 2 endorsement panel.  Full details of each stage are provided in the guidance. The endorsement timeline for 2020-21 is available here

Who makes up the panel?

Endorsement panels consist of a minimum of three members drawn from Leadership Academy Associates and Stakeholders. Stage 1 panel is chaired by the Assistant Director for Leadership Development and Quality Assurance and Stage 2 panel is chaired by the Chief Executive.

Is there a fee for endorsement?

No. There will be no charge to providers to cover the administration of endorsement, but the Leadership Academy will keep this under review and reserves the right to levy a small administration charge for organisations that are not public sector or charitable.

How long does endorsement last?

Endorsement will be for 5 years and will need renewing after that. However, the Leadership Academy reserves the right to temporarily pause or rescind endorsement as a result of the annual quality assurance processes.

Can I be endorsed as a provider?

No.  Endorsement is for programmes / provision only.

How is the endorsement of provision quality assured?

Provisions are subject to rigorous scrutiny and must adhere to a robust set of criteria outlined in the application guidance for providers. The Leadership Academy conducts quality assurance on all the endorsed provisions to ensure consistency of standards within the process. Providers can expect the endorsed provision to be quality assured on an annual basis following a completed cycle of delivery and will be asked to produce a quality and impact report.

How is the endorsement process itself quality assured?

The Leadership Academy has entered into a collaborative partnership with Education Scotland and the Centre for School Leadership in Ireland. This will involve a supportive, reciprocal arrangement of peer review focused on identifying strengths and areas for improvement in each of the three countries.

Is there an appeal process if endorsement is not awarded?

No. Providers cannot appeal a decision of the panel, but they are able to resubmit the application based on any recommendations made.