Become a stakeholder

The Leadership Academy’s mission is “Inspiring Leaders: Enriching Lives” with the aim of bringing clarity and coherence to educational leadership in Wales.  Through our work we will ensure that practitioners are able to engage with the most relevant, meaningful and inspiring professional learning. For more information on the vision and values of the Academy please see ‘Our Aspirations and Vision.’

We will achieve our aspirations by:

  • building and growing our organisation so that we understand and add real value to practitioners
  • establishing the expert role of the Academy, building a strong knowledge and research base
  • engaging across and beyond our system – enhancing relationships and networks identifying and sharing best practice in leadership.
  • quality assuring and endorsing a robust, relevant and fit for purpose range of leadership provision that draws on international best practice to meet the unique needs of our system, strengthening individual and collective leadership capacity across Wales

To achieve this, it is vital that the Academy can access ideas, support and challenge from the education system as a whole. The Leadership Academy has an active Stakeholder group to help it achieve its functions and ensure that it works with the sector.

Purpose of the Stakeholder Group

The stakeholder group:

  • provides the Leadership Academy with the informed voice of the education system
  • influences thinking at regional and national level
  • supports and challenge the work of the Leadership Academy – improving endorsement process, suggestions of research/commissioning

Objectives of the Stakeholder Group

The stakeholder group:

  • ensures that leaders from across the education sector feel that it is ‘their’ Leadership Academy and that they are represented
  • ensures the Leadership Academy listens carefully and collaborates closely with stakeholders

Stakeholder Group members will:

  • represent the vision and values of the Leadership Academy
  • act strategically in their advice, influence and behaviours and be representative of the education sector through their engagement with their networks and the wider workforce
  • ensure their engagement is informed by current educational learning, research and debate
  • positively promote the Leadership Academy at all times, drawing focus to the Leadership Academy’s work in all existing networks
  • work in collaboration with other groups involved in supporting the work of the Leadership Academy, such as the Leadership Academy Associates
  • join a wider pool of leaders which the Leadership Academy can draw upon in convening termly panels to review leadership provision submitted to the Leadership Academy for endorsement and quality assurance

While it is not a decision-making group, the role of the Stakeholder Group is critical to informing decisions but is not a decision-making group.

What does the Stakeholder group look like?

The Stakeholder Group to be representative of our education system, and membership will be as follows:

Stakeholder No. Notes
Serving Leaders 12 Profile of Leaders including:

  • At least one representative from the Welsh Medium Sector
  • A mix of leadership levels
  • A faith school setting
Regional Consortia Representative 1 One senior representative for all Consortia to be nominated, to attend consistently
Diocesan/Arch Diocesan Group Representative 1 One senior representative for all faith groups to be nominated, to attend consistently
LA Representative 1 One senior representative for all Local Authorities to be nominated, to attend consistently
Unions Representative 1 One representative to be nominated from the Union Education Group, to attend consistently

Visit the Stakeholder Group page to find out more about the current members.

Expected Commitment

Members of the Stakeholder group will be representative and so will need to commit to seeking out the views and needs of the education community, using and building their existing networks to champion the Leadership Academy. A willingness to engage with wider networks is essential as bringing in the voices of the education sector to the Leadership Academy’s work will be an essential criteria for membership.

The appointment will initially be for between one to two years, and the time commitment is expected to look like: 

  • Termly meetings: a total of 4 days per year
  • Network meetings/engagement: variable depending on existing network commitments: at least 2 days per year
  • Some members of the stakeholder group will be asked to work with the Leadership Academy on endorsement and quality assurance processes


Stakeholder group members are not remunerated, however provider based leaders’ institutions will receive £150 per day for Stakeholder Group meetings, if the member has a teaching commitment. Provider based leaders will receive expenses

The above expenses and other costs also apply for engagement in endorsement panel activities


While the Leadership Academy is based in Swansea and some meetings will take place there, we are keen that meetings of the group are able to happen across Wales.  We would therefore ask that you indicate on your application form whether your school/college would be willing to host a meeting of the group. There will be no disadvantage if you are unable to, as we understand some won’t have the facilities available.

Application process

You will need to submit a personal statement, which demonstrates the experience and expertise that you can bring to the role, to by midnight on 31st January.

The Leadership Academy will be looking for:

  • evidence that you are an active participant within wide ranging and diverse networks
  • examples of where and how you have used these networks to positive effect
  • evidence of your commitment to leadership and the mission of the Leadership Academy

As detailed above the sifting panel will also be looking for a balance across sectors and leadership levels and particularly welcome applications from Secondary school sector: Deputy Headteachers and/or Assistant Headteachers, Primary School: Headteachers and/or Assistant Headteachers, and representatives from the Welsh medium and Faith sectors.

Further information

For further information or for a discussion of what the role will entail please contact