In July 2016, the Cabinet Secretary announced that a National Academy for Educational Leadership (NAEL) would be established as an arms length organisation separate from Welsh Government (WG) and that it would not be a deliverer of learning but would broker and quality assure a range of approved provision for the Welsh education system.

Since that time the Academy has been developed by people from across the education profession coming together, giving their knowledge and experience freely to influence the thinking behind our organisation.

Initially the Academy was developed on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary for Education through a Task and Finish Group led by Ann Keane (former HMCI). The early development work including stakeholder engagement, led to the development of the outline vision, values and governance structures of the NAEL. This Task and Finish Group was made up of education experts and relevant stakeholders, The Task and Finish group made a number of recommendations to the Cabinet Secretary, including that the NAEL should take the form of a Company limited by Guarantee.

Since May 2018 we have been constituted as a not for profit company limited by guarantee as recommended by the task and finish group, we have a company board and small staff cadre.

We are funded by the Welsh Government but exist independent of the Government.  Importantly, we work with and not for Welsh Government. The arms length nature of the Academy give us the autonomy to build, launch and develop the organisation to meet the needs of leaders of education across Wales.

From our inception we have endeavoured to engage across the education system in a way that it is inclusive and collaborative; and we intend to continue to build from these foundations to create an Academy which practitioners recognise as being there for them.