International research is clear that leadership is second only to classroom teaching as an influence on pupil learning.  Through our work to endorse the highest quality leadership provision we will ensure practitioners have the right development opportunities to make a real difference to the outcomes for children and young people.

The National Academy for Educational Leadership exists to support and develop the leadership practice of all our colleagues working across the education system in Wales.  We do this for the benefit of our practitioners and the children and young people they work with, whatever the setting, or tier of our education system they are working in.

As an Academy we will be there to support all leaders at whatever stage of their careers. Whether they are just thinking of taking the next steps into formal leadership or are experienced leaders, we will give them the confidence, support and development that will help them be the best. We will support all leaders across Wales whether they are working in schools, other providers, within English or Welsh Medium settings, or other educational organisations such as the middle tier.  We will make educational leadership and education in Wales world leading and a great place to be.