Our Call to Action

In June 2018 the associates of the National Academy of Educational Leadership were set a commission by Welsh Government. The commission question itself was agreed through discussion between the associates, the chief executive of the Academy and senior Welsh Government officials.

How can leaders enable high quality professional learning opportunities that improve well-being and achieve better outcomes for all?

This commission report is a call to action from leaders to leaders. The report was produced by twelve associates of the National Academy for Educational Leadership and it is based on the findings from research conducted in Wales, Finland and Ontario.The report identifies recommendations that will fit into the national cycle of policy and decision-making, in order to improve the quality of professional learning, well-being and outcomes.

A key theme of this report is that of well-being. Well-being is critical to an effective system, where investment in people and time created for professional learning and reflection is seen as an entitlement.  Therefore, where there is a culture of prioritising well-being, the impact on staff and pupils is strong. Another important theme is the positive impact of system leadership and effective collaboration between stakeholders on leadership development, well-being and outcomes.  This is a crucial aspect for development in education as we create a self-improving system in Wales.

There is much to celebrate about education in Wales.  International colleagues are watching our progress in implementing Education in Wales: Our national mission (Welsh Government, 2017) and current curriculum reform.  However, we also acknowledge the need to address issues which are barriers to further progress.

Our Call to Action is an invitation to work in partnership across all three tiers and this report is the first step in achieving that goal.